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Bespoke Kitchen Design Process

Project Initiation

The Design Consultation is the most important step in kitchen design. The consultation takes place at your house. They will visit the space you want to remodel/renovate/remodel and get a better understanding of what your needs are. Based on your project wishes, they will develop your own scope of work, go through our Design Process and then discuss how to best collaborate. It is also an opportunity for us to get together face-to-face. This will allow us to see if we have the right chemistry, which is so important in your overall experience. After the Consultation is completed, the designer will prepare the Design Contract in the following days. Based on the unique nature of your kitchen or bath, you can choose to pay an hourly rate or flat fee.

Research, Design, & Presentation

After the retainer fee and a signed contract has been received by the designer, they can schedule their first site measurement (or obtain any architectural plans necessary for new construction). The designer will need to take measurements and photos of the current bathroom or kitchen, as well as an inventory of all items in your home. This is necessary for a precise assessment of your functional requirements. The team will begin an analysis of all inspiration photos you may have. They will also conduct a detailed analysis of any inspiration images you have been collecting to get to know your family and how they want your home to look. They will use their findings to create your unique design criteria, which will guide them in problem solving and design development. They will then create 2D floor plans, elevations and a color palette to prepare for the initial presentation. After they have approved the concept, they'll implement all the CAD details necessary to create accurate labor estimates and a budget. You can either bring your own contractor, builder or partner. The team will meet with you at home to review and discuss the whole design, including drawings, samples, pricing, and scope.

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